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Welcome to my website! My name is Andrés, and when I'm not busy helping implement mobile apps and sites at work, I work on projects for fun that I find useful for myself, and publish them in the hopes they may help others as well.
Event Guide
White-label web app for event organizers to help event attendees create their own schedules and find answers to common questions.
DDR Calc
Offline-friendly PWA for expert players to quickly key in song speeds to calculate desired speed options.
DDR Finder
App that collects and helps search arcade location data from popular DanceDanceRevolution community maps.
What's my IP?
Quick and simple privacy-preserving way to check your external IP and other browser details.
Tournament Display
Fully offline-compatible tool for tournament organizers to display live tournament information on a second screen.
Joysound.TV Translator
Firefox extension that translates the JoySound.TV song queue web-app from Japanese to English.
Web-based Windows batch file generator for application launching on kiosk setups with limited keyboard input.
ECG system built on the TI MSP430 allowing recording and playback of ECG signals wirelessly on an Android tablet.
Arcade payment system built on the TI MSP430, allowing guests to store and use tokens and tickets digitally using RFID tags, and providing owners with instant reports of game usage and dispensing.
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🌎 United States

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